2010-01-07 05:22
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在Snow Leopard上使用XDebug for Drupal 6.14?

Just wondering if you anybody has had much luck getting XDebug working for Drupal 6.14 on Snow Leopard?

I noticed that Snow Leopard seems to come with php 5.3 which some people say should work with Drupal 6.14, though I haven't had any luck.

After that failed, I tried installing php 5.2 using macports (checking out from CVS at a previous revision number). This works fine for php. However, I have had no such luck getting XDebug going.

Any thoughts???


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只是想知道你是否有幸在XDebug上为Snow Leopard的Drupal 6.14工作? \ n

我注意到Snow Leopard似乎带有php 5.3,有些人说应该使用Drupal 6.14,虽然我没有运气。 \ n

在失败之后,我尝试使用macports安装php 5.2(从以前版本号的CVS中检出)。 这适用于PHP。 但是,我没有这么幸运得到XDebug。



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  • dongliqian6245 2010-01-07 06:43

    If xdebug is enabled it should show up if you execute a phpinfo();. After xdebug is configured properly you can connect to it using Netbeans. Download the php version here: NetBeans Download. You will have to create a project and point netbeans to your Drupal install. After that you can set breakpoints and press run.

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  • dongsuichi6529 2010-10-10 20:34

    I created a step by step instruction on how to install and enable Xdebug with Netbeans:

    Hope this can also help!

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