2019-06-14 13:40

Atom - IDE包 - 查找引用不起作用(PHP)

  1. I have Atom editor installed (Version 1.37.0)
  2. Installed the package atom-ide-ui
  3. Installed the package ide-php

Now I go into my PHP file and make right-click on a class and chose "Find References"

use Laravel\Nova\Fields\Text;

Instead of opening a panel/window and displaying references, Atom shows a warning popup with this message:

Find References: Symbol references are not available for this project.

The only suggestion I found fixing this is by installing the ide-php package, what I already did. Restarted Atom results with same warning message displayed.

Any ideas how to get "Show References" running?

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  • douchun3680 douchun3680 2年前

    Restarting my notebook did the trick. I probably didn't restart Atom properly to make the new packages work ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    If you want to make Go to Declaration work you haver to generate symbols first: here how to.

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