2019-06-11 14:46
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I am new to the composer, I have a VPS with several domains hosted. The VPS is the CentOS. Now I need to install the composer in order to meet several PHP systems' requirement. Now I have several questions about the installation.

1st, I have several systems, should I need to install several composers for each?

2nd, I have the root account to VPS and also have several cPanel accounts on it, owner and group are different to different cPanel accounts, when I install the composer, should I need to log in with different accounts and install it or only install by root?

3rd, where should I place the composer, any specific folder or the folder directly under the PHP system?

Hope someone can help to answer the above questions.

Best regards,


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我是作曲家的新手,我有一个托管多个域的VPS。 VPS是CentOS。 现在我需要安装composer才能满足几个PHP系统的要求。 现在我有几个关于安装的问题。


2,我有VPS的root帐户,并且还有几个cPanel帐户,所有者和组与不同的cPanel帐户不同,当我安装作曲家时,我是否需要登录 使用不同的帐户并安装它或仅由root安装?





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  • douyue2313 2019-06-11 17:29

    1st - You need to install composer tool globally. This means that you need to install it once but you need to run composer install on each folder that has a composer.json file, in order to install its dependencies.

    2nd - I am not sure how you server is organised regarding permissions, but I think installing it with root is enough.

    3rd - I normally move and rename the composer.phar file to a location like /usr/local/bin.

    --- Try doing these steps ---

    Download composer (get instructions on link below)

    Make the phar executable:

    chmod a+x composer.phar

    Run this to move and rename it:

    mv ./composer.phar /usr/local/bin/composer

    After this, you should be able to call composer from anywhere on your server. To test it, simply run: composer.

    Now proceed to you app folder (where composer.json is located) and run: composer install

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