2019-05-07 09:39

如何通过preg_replace_callback替换此preg_replace以获得php 5.6兼容性[重复]


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I'm trying to update some code that is 20 years old to be compatible with php 5.6. One of the major changes I'm facing is the deprecation of "/e" modifier in preg_replace.

For most of them, I just replaced it by preg_replace_callback, removed "/e" and used a function as a second arg.

But I'm facing a case where it doesn't work and after a lot of things tried, I'm still not able to reproduce how it was working before.

function _munge_input($template) {
    $orig[] = '/<\?plugin.*?\?>/se';
    $repl[] = "\$this->_mungePlugin('\\0')";

    $orig[] = '/<\?=(.*?)\?>/s';
    $repl[] = '<?php $this->_print(\1);?>';

    return preg_replace($orig, $repl, $template);

I tried to replace $repl by :

function ($matches) use ($repl) {
    return $repl;

(or even to include the $repl assignment directly in the function)

with the first $repl assignment modified :

$repl[] = "\$this->_mungePlugin('$matches[0]')";

But it still doesn't work.

Thanks for the help.

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  • dpfwhb7470 dpfwhb7470 2年前

    Finally, it works with this code :

    function _munge_input($template) {
        $that = $this;
        $template = preg_replace_callback(
            function ($matches) use ($that) {
                return $that->_mungePlugin($matches[0]);
        $template = preg_replace('/<\?=(.*?)\?>/s', '<?php $this->_print(\1);?>', $template);
        return $template;

    The issue was the use of $this in another scope as you told me.

    Big thanks to wiktor stribiżew. Your code was better but the second part was not concerned by /e so I changed back to preg_replace.


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