2019-03-03 11:56
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I have an xml file(xml.php3) that contains img scr= path. I want to show some of the images in my website. I have try that with text sources of the xml file with simplexml , that works good. But i dont now how to do it with the images.

my xml data for text:

<ROOMTYP ID="161792">

I use for show in my website:

$xml = simplexml_load_file("xml.php3");

$Element= $xml->xpath('//ROOMTYP[@ID="161792"]');
$Ausgabe= $Element[0];
echo $Ausgabe->DISCRIPTION;

my xml data for image:

              <PIC>&lt;IMG SRC="https://images.img.com/room_pics/zim_238842_006.jpg" width="640" height="480" BORDER=0></PIC>

How have to write the simplexml code for display that image in my website?

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  • dongyi0210 2019-03-03 12:25

    If you want to identify it by the ID attribute of the IMAGES element, then again XPath can find it for you. The main difference is that if you have &lt; in the text, if you want to decode these you can convert them using html_entity_decode(), but you will need to ensure that you cast the result to a string ((string)) as the result of xpath() is a list on node objects...

    $element= $xml->xpath('//IMAGES[@ID="6"]');
    echo html_entity_decode((string)$element[0]->PIC);


    <IMG SRC="https://images.img.com/room_pics/zim_238842_006.jpg"
            width="640" height="480" BORDER=0>
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