2019-02-26 20:13
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Is it possible to have multiple file() tags in one php document? I have a file in which I am reading data from another file using file() and I also have to delete the last line in another document which I am also using file() for but when I run the code it doesn't remove the last line in the other file.

The code that I am using to delete the last line:

function trim_lines($path, $max) { 
  // Read the lines into an array
  $lines = file($path);
  // Setup counter for loop
  $counter = 0;
  while($counter < $max) {
    // array_pop removes the last element from an array
    // Increment the counter
  }  // End loop
  // Write the trimmed lines to the file
  file_put_contents($path, implode('', $lines));

This code works without a problem in a separate file but in this file it doesn't seem to work.

There is no point in me posting the whole php code because it's pretty long and this is just a general question that would have the same effect in any php file.
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  • doudi4014 2019-03-09 22:48

    In my example at least this code has to be above the file() tag or under another tag but not directly under the file() tag.

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