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Laravel 5.6更改电子邮件地址会重置登录限制

There's a weird issue with laravel's login throttling. I set the variables:

 public $maxAttempts = 5;
 public $decayMinutes = 3;

in the Auth/LoginController.php, and override the sendLockoutResponse function like this:

protected function sendLockoutResponse(Request $request) {
  $seconds = $this->limiter()->availableIn(

  $minutes = floor($seconds / 60);
  $seconds = $seconds % 60;

  return back()->with('authError', 'Wait ' . $minutes . ' minutes and ' . $seconds . ' seconds.');

When I try 5 failed login attempts using wrong credentials I can see the AuthError message on the page. And if I go on with the same e-mail address I continue to see seconds and minutes decrease. But if I change the e-mail the whole throttle gets reset. I still have 5 failed attempts to go.

My question is: if laravel determines a user's login attempts by IP address and uses cache to poll them, why changing the e-mail resets the login throttle?

PS my .env values are:

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  • dongyo1818 2018-11-19 01:20

    The Laravel docs share the details of the built in throttling

    as you can read the IP and email address combination is used to track login attempts

    I imagine so that if multiple users are logging in from the same IP they all do not get locked out/throttled

    You would need to change this to use ID or similar if you want it to act differently

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