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只使用收据编号,使用REST API获取Paypal的交易

Okay so I've setup a website with a basic paid subscription using Paypal. Here's the general flow of things:

1) A person fills up a basic subscription form and click subscribe

2) They get forwarded to Paypal who handles the payment

3) User clicks on "back to website" button

4) Account gets activated and user is forwarded to splash page

The thing is that if the user decides to close the window instead of clicking "Back to website", then his account will remain locked even though he paid (and yes, I'm aware you can skip the "back to website" button, but my client wants to keep it).

So, what I'd like to do is basically implement a form that will query Paypal's REST api to check if the user's receipt number actually exists and if so, complete his subscription. The problem is that most of the users pay through credit card, not Paypal... so all they have is a receipt number.

I've searched through the documentation and I can't seem to find how to query Paypal's REST API using the receipt number. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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好的,所以我设置了一个使用Paypal进行基本付费订阅的网站。 以下是一般情况:


2)他们被转发给Paypal谁 处理付款



问题在于,如果用户决定关闭窗口而不是点击“返回网站”,那么即使他付了钱,他的帐户也会保持锁定状态(是的,我知道你可以 跳过“返回网站”按钮,但我的客户想保留它)。

所以,我想要做的是基本上实现一个表单,该表单将查询Paypal的REST api以检查用户的收据号是否确实存在,如果是,则完成他的订阅。 问题是大多数用户通过信用卡付款,而不是Paypal ......所以他们只有收据号码。

我搜索了文档,似乎无法找到如何使用收据编号查询Paypal的REST API。 有人能指出我正确的方向吗?

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