2018-09-30 17:23
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在inspect-elements magento中显示css文件

Magento display the ways to all css.

allreviews.css is the last added style. If I add one more file, it will be displayed instead of allreviews.css in inspector. And also add path. How to make the correct path to file is displayed? Please help...enter image description here

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allreviews.css是最后添加的样式。 如果我再添加一个文件,它将在检查器中显示而不是allreviews.css。 并且还添加路径。 如何显示正确的文件路径? 请帮助...

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  • duan2891 2018-09-30 17:56

    I found it. It make the extension Fooman Speedster.

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