2018-09-05 12:33
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How i can display the correct url for the image uploaded using TinyMCE? I get a file not found error, this because when I load the created contents on the frontend, the src attribute of the images contained inside the post are referring to my img path like this ../../img/prt/image.jpg, and it's the correct path for the backend, but from the index i need that the src is set to img/prt/image.jpg that is the correct path. Any suggestion?

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如何显示使用TinyMCE上传的图像的正确网址? 我找不到文件错误,这个 因为当我在前端加载创建的内容时,帖子中包含的图像的 src 属性指的是我的img路径,如 ../../ img / prt / image .jpg ,它是后端的正确路径,但是从索引我需要将src设置为 img / prt / image.jpg ,这是正确的路径。 有什么建议吗?

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