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如何通过PHP substr()函数覆盖/更改前导零的默认删除? [关闭]

In PHP when we do a substr() such that the resultant string should be something like 0004, PHP automatically removes the leading 0s and just gives 4.

I want to avoid this behavior. I want the leading zeroes to stay there. How can I enforce that?

Forexample the following snippet prints 4.

echo substr("100041", 1, 4); 

How can I force it to print 0004?

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在PHP中,当我们执行 substr()时,结果字符串应该是某种东西 与 0004 一样,PHP会自动删除前导 0 ,只提供 4

我想避免这种行为。 我希望领先的零点留在那里。 我该如何强制执行?

例如,以下代码段打印 4

 <  code> echo substr(“100041”,1,4);  

如何强制它打印 0004

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