2018-07-21 02:14
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访问Wordpress functions.php

So the title is pretty self-explanatory. I need to access functions.php in wordpress because Wordpress is adding random p and br tags and it's messing up my code. Searched for over an hour and nothing worked:

What I have tried:
1) Connecting via FTP (which isn't viable, long story)
2) Going to Appearance > Editor, which isn't showing. I have searched this issue up as well, and the only solution seems to be deactivating plugins, which I have tried.
3) deleting all my code, then pasting it all in
4) Ctrl + f5
5) deleting some of my code, then pasting it again

Websites I've looked at:

All these websites suggest the first two things in the What I have tried list.

If there is another way to stop the p tags, please tell me

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