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将EntityType选项保存为字符串 - Symfony 4

I have entity1 and entity2.

In the entity1's form, I am displaying a choice list where the options are comming from entity2. I want to save the selected choice as string inside a column in entity1's table, but I dont want to create any relations between the tables.

How Should I do that?

class Entity1 {
 * @ORM\Column(type="string")
private $historico;

class Entity2 {
 * @ORM\Column(type="string")
private $description;


$builder->add('historico', EntityType::class, [
                'class' => Entity2::class,
                'choice_label' => 'description',
                'choice_value' => 'description',
                'placeholder' => ''

The choices display fine, but when I submit I get the following error:

Expected argument of type "string", "App\Entity\Entity2" given.

If I use 'mapped' => false, the input submit as null.

How do I convert the entity object to string? Help a symfony noob :)

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