2018-07-12 08:39
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我怎么能用laravel eloquent写这个查询

I have tables Users,departments,files and shareFiles. I want to write a query that when a user tries sending a file to another user, the share function should capture the title of the file and department of the user sending the file which would be saved in the shareFiles table.

  • Users table: id, department_id
  • Files table: id, title, user_id
  • Department table: id, name
  • ShareFiles table: title, file, department_id, user_id, sender, to

Below is what i did in the share function

public function shareFile(Request $request)

        $userfile = new UserFile();
        $userfile->sender = \Auth::user()->username;
        $userfile->to = $request->user;
        $userfile->title = File::select('title')->where(['user_id' => \Auth::user()->id])

        $userfile->department = DB::table('departments')->select('')
        ->where(['' => \Auth::user()->id])

        $userfile->user_id = \Auth::user()->id;
        Session::flash('message','File successfully shared !!');
        return redirect('/hr/document');
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  • dongpai2754
    dongpai2754 2018-07-12 10:19

    Try this code:-

    For title selection:
    $file = File::select('title')->where(['user_id' => \Auth::user()->id]) ->orWhere('id','=','user_id')->first();
    For Department:
    $dept = DB::table('departments')->select('') ->join('users','','=','users.department_id') ->where(['' => \Auth::user()->id]) ->first();

    Note: You can also use value() and pluck() (in case if you need array of values) instead of select().

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