2010-03-11 19:04
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使用SWFUpload和Amazon S3进行文件大小

I'm currently using SWFUpload to upload files to my S3 bucket. And it's working great.

I'm using the script from a website here: http://www.anedix.com/news/article/50

Again, the upload to my S3 works fine, however, I've been running into an issue when attempting to upload larger files. It seems that I cannot upload anything over 50MB. I have tried this from both my webhost and locally, using my local testing environment.

My question is this: When uploading with SWFUpload, it should be going straight to Amazon S3, correct? If so, then PHP settings such as MAX_UPLOAD_SIZE should not affect it? (Even though in my local environment, I've set it to 1024MB.)

Essentially, what the script does is, shows that it's uploading the file (it takes the appropriate amount of time), redirects to the success page, and does not throw any errors.

Any ideas on why this would be happening, or how I can troubleshoot this?


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我目前正在使用SWFUpload将文件上传到我的S3存储桶。 它工作得很好。

我正在使用网站上的脚本: http://www.anedix.com/news/article/50

再一次,上传到我的S3工作正常,但是,我遇到了一个问题 尝试上传较大的文件时。 似乎我无法上传任何超过50MB的内容。 我使用我的本地测试环境从我的webhost和本地尝试了这个。

我的问题是:使用SWFUpload上传时,它应该直接进入Amazon S3,对吗? 如果是这样,那么PHP设置如MAX_UPLOAD_SIZE不应该影响它吗? (即使在我的本地环境中,我已将其设置为1024MB。)

基本上,脚本的作用是显示它正在上传文件(需要适当的时间) ),重定向到成功页面,并不会抛出任何错误。



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  • dpo60833 2010-03-11 19:19

    file_size_limit is also a param of SWFUpload ... have you checked it ? also consider a 30% more as the content posted be encoded

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