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I am currently trying for the first time to migrate from Symfony 3.4 to 4.3. I'm at the stage where I have to remove the depreciation so that I can update the dependencies via composing as the doc says I have solved all the depreciations except one that I have a little trouble here it is:

Relying on service auto-registration for type "AppBundle\Entity\AdaImporterDoc" is deprecated since Symfony 3.4 and won't be supported in 4.0. Create a service named "AppBundle\Entity\AdaImporterDoc" instead.

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我目前正在尝试第一次从Symfony 3.4迁移到4.3。 我在这个阶段 我必须删除折旧,以便我可以通过撰写来更新依赖项,因为 doc说 我已经解决了所有的折旧问题,除了我在这里遇到一点麻烦:

依靠服务自动 自Symfony 3.4以来,不推荐使用“AppBundle \ Entity \ AdaImporterDoc”类型的注册,4.0不支持。 改为创建名为“AppBundle \ Entity \ AdaImporterDoc”的服务。

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