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I'm selecting a list of exam IDs from my database, and then using a random one to select from a list of questions. If there are no matching questions, I want to pick another random ID and try again. Here is the code I have now; it works but will not return any questions for some of the exams.

$query = $connect->prepare("SELECT * FROM exam WHERE level=? AND flag=?");
$result = $query->get_result();
$resultCount= $result->num_rows;
    $indexRand=array_rand($list, 1);
$query2 = $connect->prepare("SELECT * FROM questions WHERE exam_id=?");
$query2->bind_param('i', $list[$indexRand]);
$question_result = $query2->get_result();
$resultCount2= $question_result->num_rows;
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    duanfu1942 duanfu1942 2019-04-20 04:55

    If I understand correctly, you can do this in a single database query.

    SELECT q.*
      FROM questions q
      LEFT JOIN (
        SELECT e.id
        FROM exams e
        LEFT JOIN questions q ON (e.id = q.exam_id)
        WHERE level = ? AND flag = ? AND q.id IS NOT NULL
        ORDER BY RAND()
        LIMIT 1
      ) i ON (q.exam_id = i.id)
      WHERE i.id = q.exam_id

    You join in a subquery as a table in your query. The subquery selects a single random item from the exams table, and itself joins in the questions table, to make sure that some questions exist. Demo is here: http://sqlfiddle.com/#!9/b394af/1

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