2018-09-27 18:20
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WordPress WooCommerce搜索功能无法正常工作

I have got a question related to the WordPress search-function with WooCommerce. I'm using the Ivory Search plugin. The usual search form on the right side of the website is working, but the search-form in the menu added by the Ivory Search plugin isn't. This might be related to the different URLs used by the different search-forms.

If I'm using the plugin:

If I'm using the standard search-function:

My second problem is that the search results displayed with the standard search-function are not containing the product images and are listed among each other instead of being displayed in rows with an option to put them in cart instantly.

How can I solve these issues?

Thank you guys a lot!

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  • dpjmljx90897323
    dpjmljx90897323 2018-10-05 15:21

    After I had contacted the developer of the "Ivory Search" plugin, it turned out to be a problem related to the "Sydney Theme" I were using. I'm now contacting the theme developer to find a solution that allows to fix that issue and keep this theme.

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