2018-08-14 18:23
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I noticed that block elements (ex. div) have some kind of margins by default, and it seems I cannot reset them via css. So how to? does anyone know?

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我注意到块元素(例如div)默认有某种边距,看起来我无法重置 他们通过CSS。 怎么样? 有谁知道吗?

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  • dqc2017 2018-08-16 07:16

    Ok, further investigation took me to the following findings:

    Basically, you cannot use other than really simple/direct selectors. No nested selectors are allowed (like .class p, or ul li), so:

    • think ahead and structure your document in a really simple manner so you don't have to use nested selectors or something more complicated. For example, do not use nested lists (ul li ul)

    • write your css all with ultra simple direct selectors (one element or one class)

    • then you can reset all the margins and paddings of block elements, if/when/where needed.

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  • duanli6834 2018-08-14 18:27

    Define your margin. E.g; you have class named as me. So browser is using own agent stylesheet. What you have to do is to apply t margin to same class. Remember your CSS will override that. So your code will look like .me {margin:0}. Then the margin will not be applied. Hope this helps

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