duancan65665 2017-03-15 18:50
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来自cron的phantomjs php脚本

I try to parse a web page with phantomjs and I got into a problem that I can't figure out. The page gives an error if you try to load it too many times, and there's my problem.

I have a php file file.php with $result = shell_exec('~/tmp/phantomjs/phantomjs/bin/phantomjs ~/www/phantomscript.js 2>&1');

If I load that file.php in a browser, it works fine, it displays the page content.

But if I try it to run it from cron php path/to/file.php it displays the error that I tried too many times...

My question is, what could be the problem that, the same file.php works fine in a browser but it doesn-t work if it's loaded in console or cron.

My guess is that it's something to do with the way php works, if a script is loaded into a browser or ran from console. Maybe you can give me a hint or something.


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  • duanjuebiao6730 2017-03-16 08:01

    Not really an answer, but, an ugly hack.

    It seems to work for now, but I still would like to know why it does that.

    I made another php file with a single line file_get_contents('http://the/web/url/of/the/file.php')

    And i use that file in the cron job.

    And, that seems to work, it loads the page.

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