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获取值后,Wordpress ACF字段更新

I have this action that retrieves the crop values when I crop an image in the image editor and update the value in the db record (with update_field(). So I can update the value of the field in the database, but I don't know how to set the value of the field in the post editor. The field value remains blank and when the user update the post the value is being overwritten by with null value. How can I do?

add_action( 'wp_save_image_editor_file', 'save_crop_data');
function save_crop_data(){
    $attachment_id = $_REQUEST['postid'];
    $parent = get_post_ancestors($attachment_id);
    $post_id = $parent[0];
    update_field('crop_data', $_REQUEST['history'], $post_id);
    return $saved;

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我有这个动作,当我在图像编辑器中裁剪图像并更新图像中的值时,它会检索裁剪值 db记录(使用 update_field()。 我可以更新数据库中字段的值,但我不知道如何在帖子编辑器中设置字段的值。 值保持空白,当用户更新帖子时,值被空值覆盖。 我该怎么办?

  add_action('wp_save_image_editor_file','save_crop_data')  ; 
 $ attachment_id = $ _REQUEST ['postid']; 
 $ parent = get_post_ancestors($ attachment_id); 
 $ post_id = $ parent [0]; 
 update_field('crop_data',  $ _REQUEST ['history'],$ post_id); 
返回$ saved; 
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