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I have an array that I need to loop through, and for specific keys, I then need to call chopActNum function. The function takes an account number, and turns it into the "xxxxxxxxxx1234" format. I would like to then display this new format rather than the whole account number. My $accountList holds all the information for the accounts. My confusion is in that I currently display all my account information through assignment in Smarty templating. I am horrible at explaining, so perhaps seeing my code will help elucidate my issue.
My function:

public function chopActNum($actNum=0){

    $actNumConcat=$repeatX.substr($actNum, -4); 
    return $actNumConcat;


foreach($achList as $a)
$actNum[] = $a['actNum'];


Tpl Code:

{foreach from=$accountList item=v name=foo} 
<td class="tableData">{$v.actName}</td>
<td class="tableData">{$v.actNum}</td>
<td class="tableData">{$v.bankRoute}</td>
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