2016-09-23 23:35
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Wordpress ACF中继器图像调整大小

I am trying to resize an image coming from the Advanced Custom Fields repeater field with no success.

I have set up a basic non-repeater image field in the exact same way elsewhere on the page and it works perfectly.

So I have the image size set up in the functions.php:

add_image_size( 'bio-size', 400, 260, true );

Then in the template I have:

<?php while( have_rows('bio') ): the_row();

  $bioImgObj = get_sub_field('bio_image');
  $bioImgSize = 'bio-size';
  $bioImgUrl = $bioImgObj['sizes'][$bioImgSize];


<img width="400" height="260" src="<?php echo $bioImgUrl; ?>"/>

This gives me the image, but does not resize it in any way.

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  • dtl19910708 2016-09-23 23:57

    When using ACF, or general WordPress file uploads, modifying image sizes or other configs for files after upload wont affect already uploaded files because the files are processed on upload.

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