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I'm using laravel5.2.31. I wanna make login cope and when User after login success, redirect to '/'. And I can register cope but I can't login cope and cannot redirect to '/'. I made auth by php artisan make:auth on terminal. And my routes.php is

Route::post('auth/login', 'Auth\AuthController@postLogin');
Route::group(['middleware' => 'web'], function () {
    Route::get('auth/login', 'Auth\AuthController@getLogin');

So I can see auth/login page on browser. But I cannot post cope. Now if I inport email and password and push login button, So I redirected to my own login page.

How Can I do it? What's the cause cannot it?

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  • dongyixun0634 dongyixun0634 2016-05-07 07:02

    As of Laravel 5.2.27 the web middleware is applied by default and so you no longer need to specify it - so feel free to remove it from your routes.

    As for the redirect, you can just add this to your AuthController:

    private $redirectTo = '/';

    This will redirect users to / after successful login or registration.

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