2017-03-14 21:35
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使用composer删除库的正确方法是什么? [关闭]

I've been install 2 libraries into my php project. Now I want to remove on of them because I've install the wrong library (my bad). Is it okay if I just delete the folder ? If there is another way to do that correctly, please tell me.

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我已经在我的php项目中安装了2个库。 现在我想删除它们,因为我安装了错误的库(我的坏)。 如果我删除文件夹可以吗? 如果有其他方法可以正确地做到这一点,请告诉我。

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  • douzhaochan6468 2017-03-14 21:48

    Running the following command will remove the package from vendor (or wherever you install packages), composer.json and composer.lock. Change vendor/package appropriately.

    composer remove vendor/package
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