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Drupal 7创建泛滥表PHP

Because of a long series of events, I thought I lost a site completely due to my hosting company losing a server. Anyway, I'm trying to get back into a site sitting on a server with a cpanel I cant get to and a WHM I cant get to. I only have access to the root dir via ftp. I was able to reset my admin password using the method here

I meant to also clear the flood table, but deleted it instead with db_drop_table('flood');

So, now I am getting a MYSQL error when I try to login. So, given I only have access to running php scripts to interact with the SQL database, can anyone help me figure out how to rebuild the flood table via the drupal db_create_table() method?

Much appreciated! This has been a nightmare.

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由于一系列事件,我认为由于我的托管公司丢失服务器,我完全丢失了一个网站。 无论如何,我试图回到一个坐在服务器上的网站,我有一个cpanel,我无法接触到一个WHM,我无法到达。 我只能通过ftp访问root目录。 我可以使用此处的方法重置我的管理员密码 1556488

我的意思是清除洪水表,但是用 db_drop_table('flood'); 删除它

所以,现在我尝试登录时收到MYSQL错误。 所以,鉴于我只能访问运行php脚本与SQL数据库进行交互,任何人都可以帮我弄清楚如何通过drupal db_create_table()方法重建泛洪表吗? \ n

非常感谢! 这是一场噩梦。

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