2016-11-27 17:16
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Nette phar启动文件

I'm trying to create a single-file version of PHP framework Nette 2.4. I create a phar file using this code:

$phar = new Phar('nette.phar');
$phar->buildFromDirectory(__DIR__ . '/../vendor/nette');
    require 'phar://' . __FILE__ . '/loader.php';

Everything is fine, the file is created. If I try to use this compacted version:

// bootstrap.php
require __DIR__ . '/nette.phar';

Error occurs:

Warning: require(phar://C:\wamp64\www\app
ette.phar/loader.php): failed to open stream: phar error: &quot;loader.php&quot; is not a file in phar &quot;C:/wamp64/www/app/nette.phar&quot; in C:\wamp64\www\app
ette.phar on line 2

So, single-file version is loaded, but there is no boot file loader.php. Does anyone know where is the mistake? Thanks for all the suggestions!

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