2016-10-14 11:33



I am configuring a Jenkins job to run PHPUnit after each GitHub commit

I selected Post build action -> Publish Junit test result report

I selected 'Test Report XMLs' as **/results/phpunit.xml

I am getting following error message on applying this setting:

/results/phpunit.xml’ doesn’t match anything: ‘’ exists but not ‘**/results/phpunit.xml’

I tried with /results/phpunit.xml, but still got the same, the results dir exists on my server at /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/results Can anyone please help? Thanks!

Please click this link to show the error image

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  • douwen3362 douwen3362 5年前

    Try the Test Report XMLs setting without the slash:


    instead of


    It might not be relative to your jenkins folder, but rather sees the first slash as the root directory.

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