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Google API php客户端和服务帐户:事件缺失日期

I have some php code like this:

$service = new Google_Service_Calendar($client);

$calendarId = 'your calendar id';
$optParams = array(
  'timeMin' => date('c'),
  'maxResults' => 100,
  'singleEvents' => TRUE,

$results = $service->events->listEvents($calendarId, $optParams);
$events = $results->getItems();

// in order to use it in javascript
echo json_encode($events);

$events is the expected array but does not contain the date of each event. i did some testing before i was utilizing a service account and each date was accessible via the property "start" but not in the list that i'm getting now. any ideas as there is no proper documentation on what i'm supposed to get as response? btw. altering share rights of the service account in the calendar settings does not help.

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