2016-08-30 14:44



Hi I am trying to run a query where brand_name should be distinct but the brand_value show sum. Mysql TABLE structure with Primary key

betbingo 1
betbingo 1
betbingo 2
bestbingo 2
bestbingo 1
bet365 1

I want brand column distinct and show sum of 2nd column. So the result should be like this

Betbingo 4
bestbingo 3
bet365 1

I am using While loop in php
Can you please help me out.

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  • dongxia2030 dongxia2030 5年前

    Use group by clause. It will select distinct brand name from your table.

    select brand, sum(2nd column) from your_table group by brand

    Hope it will help.

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  • duanli0453 duanli0453 5年前

    Not clear about the primary key but group by and sum() in the sql should do the trick

    Select brand , sum(brand_value) as sum_of_brandvalue from tablename group by brand ;

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