2016-08-27 03:25
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我应该使用什么文本编辑器进行HTML编码? [关闭]

I love to code in HTML, but I haven't quite found any good text editors for coding in HTML.

Atom Text Editor is the best one I've used, and Komodo Edit has potential.

On to the point, what text editor should I use HTML that offers autocompetion and snippets?

I would also love to note that I want a free text editor, not paid like PHPStorm.

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我喜欢用HTML编码,但我还没有找到任何用于HTML编码的优秀文本编辑器。 / p>

Atom Text Editor 是我用过的最好的, Komodo Edit 有潜力。


我还要注意我想要一个免费的 文本编辑器,没有像 PHPStorm 那样付费。

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  • dongmaomou4117
    dongmaomou4117 2016-08-27 03:35

    Brackets is a good editor it has great features like spitting 2 files so you can have HTML and CSS open at the same time!

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  • duanfang7270
    duanfang7270 2016-08-27 03:30

    I recommend Sublime Text.

    Also, If you want some geek style, I recommend vim.

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