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After reading ubuntu AMP community and Apache 2.4 configuration.

I was wondering if there is a way to imitate the same behavior of the http docs used in XAMPP or bitnami stacks but using the default LAMP. Which uses apache 2.4

In XAMP you would assign an extra number to your httpd-vhost.conf like this:

Listen *:9000 
<virtualhost *:9000>  
    ServerName localhost 
    DocumentRoot "~/xamp/apache2/htdocs/html/app-name/" 

<Directory "~/xamp/apache2/htdocs/html/app-name/">  
    Options Indexes FollowSymLinks  
    AllowOverride all 

Then Edit your httpd.conf files like:

//....Some code.....   */ 
    AllowOverride all
<Directory /> 
//...Some code...

and uncomment this line:

//....Some code.....   */ 

# Virtual hosts
include conf/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf 

//...Some code...

My question is:

Is there is a way to configure Apache 2.4 just by dropping all my vhost's in one single file, without having to go through the process of configuring etc/apache2/sites-available and then adding names to etc/hosts?

Then completing the process by including some things like above just like Bitnami or Xamp stacks will do so your localhost will be able to serve not only static html files but an entire application's folder.

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