2016-05-10 20:41
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Null Php将数据插入mysql db时的变量

So i'm working on an Android project using web services. I've got some problems like while inserting some data in my db, my php doesn't recognize the variable or something like that and it does insert value "0" for numbers and a blank space for Strings after testing with postman or even the app itself.

Here's my PHP file content :

$con = mysqli_connect("...","...","...","...");

    $card_number = $_POST["card_number"];

    $query = "INSERT INTO card (card_number,card_solde,date_exp) VALUES ('$card_number',0,2024)";

    mysqli_query($con,$query) or die(mysqli_error($con));

    $response = array();
    $response["success"] = true;  
    echo json_encode($response);


Here's an image for the table schema and the result of the insertion.

Thank youuu :))

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  • doucha4054
    doucha4054 2016-05-10 21:01

    If you are using postman and you are POSTing data, you need to make sure that "card_number" is your key and whatever value you want is your value. It looks like are posting "card_number" as the value for the key "card_number"

    EDIT: After looking at your screenshot, you need to put the params in the BODY "form-data". You are putting those params in the url currently.

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