2017-03-30 10:52
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I am beginner in code igniter php framework. Today I have a task to modify existing code and somehow I am lost in the middle of the line on attempting to located a database table. This is the controller snippet that renders the view

$data["all_types"] = $this->data_model->get_data("all_types",300,"Asc");

when the view is loaded I am iterating through the in the view to load data as shown

 <div class="decoration"></div>
 <?php foreach($all_types as $item): ?>
 <div style="display:block;color:#000;">
    <a style="font-size:17px;margin:15px 2px;font-family:Cgothic;"
                           href="<?php echo site_url()."...../..../".$item["id"]; ?>"
                           title="<?php echo str_replace("_"," ",$item["name"]);?>">
    <strong><?php echo str_replace("_"," ",$item["name"]);?></strong>

 <?php endforeach; ?>

this is the model snippet code as shown

function get_data($db,$i,$order)
   return $query->result_array();

My challenge is how can I locate or identify the database table the above model is pointing to to fetch data. Hoping someone assists me

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  • douou8954
    douou8954 2017-03-30 11:14

    all_types is your table name.

    $this->db->get($your_table name), get method take table name as a parameter.

    Get Method Documentation

    If more help needed I'm happy to help.

    Happy Coding.

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  • douqinlin5094
    douqinlin5094 2017-03-30 11:14

    From your model code:


    This means $db is the table name. Looking at your controller code which calls the model function:

    $data["all_types"] = $this->data_model->get_data("all_types",300,"Asc");

    I can say that all_types is the name of the table.

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