2017-01-05 18:56
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I am trying to print a value in PHP which is stored in JS variable.

 document.getElementById("geo").innerHTML = '' + response;

I got the response in id geo

I could able to print through div

e.g <div id ="geo"></div>

I have a input tag I know I can use it as id ="geo" but i want to use it in value for example

<input id= "geocompleat" type="text" value="<?php $geo?>" >

Is there any way to get above JS value in to $geo?


geocompleat is used to get google geo places. i have input tag where i want to use geocompleate and geo location.

my webpage is detect the browser location and if we want to change the location then geocompleat will help to change the location. i tried below but its not working

<input id="geocompleat geo" type="text" name ="location">

so i am trying to to display the geo location in a value="" with php like value= ""

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