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CakePHP 3查看变量

my question is give it a way to parse a view file (.ctp) into a variable ? I want to create a ajax function that gives a ctp file or better says the content of this back. The call from the javascript to cakephp's controller work but now i doesnt now how i can get my specified ctp file in the template folder parse it into a variable and send it back to the javascript function.

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    dongying7667 dongying7667 2016-11-29 13:05

    Lets say, you are using the controller sites and the view is index.

    public function index() {
        if($this->request->is('ajax') {
            // prepare output for ajax. best way to do is to prevent styled output

    In your TestView/index.ctp you can now prepare your output for ajax and just call the controller/action URL by AJAX:

        url: "/sites/index",
        success: function(reponse) {
            console.log(response); // here comes the output from /sites/index
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