2016-07-04 23:38
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无法在WAMP上启动PHP 7

I run a WAMP server on my laptop, on which I do my dev work. I finally decided to try installing PHP 7, and rather than downloading and installing the latest version of WAMP, I thought I'd try to install it myself. I found a few guides on how to do it, tried to get together the info I could, and went through the processes. After much breaking of systems, I finally got WAMP running again with my current setup, with PHP 7 showing up as a valid version, but when I switch to it, Apache won't start. The error logs don't tell me anything useful (unless I'm misunderstanding them). Any advice would be helpful.

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我在我的笔记本电脑上运行一个WAMP服务器,在那里我做我的开发工作。 我终于决定尝试安装PHP 7,而不是下载和安装最新版本的WAMP,我想我会尝试自己安装它。 我找到了一些关于如何做到这一点的指南,试图将我可以获得的信息汇总在一起,并完成了这些过程。 经过多次破坏系统后,我终于使用当前的设置再次运行WAMP,PHP 7显示为有效版本,但是当我切换到它时,Apache将无法启动。 错误日志并没有告诉我任何有用的东西(除非我误解了它们)。 任何建议都会有所帮助。

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  • dpv50040 2016-07-04 23:50

    There is really not enough info here to help us help you.

    If you are using WAMPServer 2.5 then you can install WAMPServer 3.0.3 directly over 2.5 Get it here

    If you are using a previous version of WAMPServer I suggest you install WAMPServer3.0.4 but first read this so you dont loose anything in the process http://forum.wampserver.com/read.php?2,123606.

    WAMPserver3 comes with many ADDON versions of Apache, PHP and MYSQL. The addons are simple to install as they just add to WAMPServer 3 nd are activated from the menus

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