2016-06-08 21:57
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I have currently an xml file that is formatted as follows:

          <Question>Does the front Camera Work?</Question>
          <Question>Does the Rear Camera Work?</Question>

I am currently getting the info from the "answer" nodes by calling where it occurs in the xml for example:

    $qFrontCameraWorks = $data['skuQuestions']->SKUQuestion[4];
    $data['frontCameraWorks'] = str_replace("'", "\'", $qFrontCameraWorks->Answer);

my problem is the xml files don't always come to me with the questions in the same order.

So, I was wanting to figure a way to query within a "SKUquestion" node if the "tag" is one thing then it would return the value of the "answer" node within that same SKUquestion node.

for example if the tag is "FrontCamaraWorks" then $data['frontCameraWorks'] is yes.

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