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I have the below array which generates a random question with its key for a form.

I save the key in my database for later use, eg Password recovery etc...

The problem is each time the question is asked the key which is saved in the database is mostly not the one for the asked question.

Here is my insert.php for saving the key (secQ):

All the connections and validations which work correctly...

    $dbh= $pdo->prepare("INSERT INTO users (secQ ) values (?)");
    $dbh->bindParam(1, $secQ );

And this is my questions.php:

    function secQ(){
        $questions = array();

        $questions[0] = "1";
        $questions[1] = "2";
        $questions[2] = "3";
        $questions[3] = "4";
        $questions[4] = "5";

        $rand_key = array_rand($questions, 1);
        return array($rand_key, $questions[$rand_key]);
    $q = secQ();
    $secQ = $q[0];
    $question = $q[1];

I guess this is due to the fact that before secQ is inserted into the database there is the include("questions.php"); which it may again generate a different key randomly other than the askedquestion in the form.

Thanks a looot

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