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jQuery / DataTable:导出到本地服务器[关闭]

I want to export the jQuery DataTable with any file format to local server side. Actually, I am trying to send Excel export file in email. But I could not find to do that. I am working on PHP and jQuery. I do not have any idea about that. Therefore I cannot provide you example codes. I am kindly request your helps.


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    duanfen1312 duanfen1312 2015-12-22 12:30

    first learn how to export the data to a particular path in an excel file.You can use the same logic as that of creating a table except that in excel the cells are seperated by a "/t" tag and end of line by "/r/n" . You can get an idea of how to export excel from here: This done , you can then send that file as an attachment in your email.

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