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I have a website (let's call it that allows users to enter a URL that other users on my website can be redirected to. If a user types in a full URL like so then all is well because my header() function will redirect to exactly that.

However when a user enters in or even then the header() function will attempt to redirect to this

Remember, I can't fully format the user's URL myself because the program doesn't know whether the website is https:// or http:// and if you get this wrong the user can end up at a non existent page.

What I need is a method of telling PHP to just go to the URL specified without relativity to my website almost like the a user had typed it in the URL bar themselves.

Any ideas?

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我有一个允许用户使用的网站(我们称之为 ) 输入我的网站上的其他用户可以重定向到的URL。 如果用户输入完整的网址,如 那么一切都很好,因为我的 header()函数会重定向到那个。< / p>

但是当用户输入 甚至 时,标题() function将尝试重定向到此

请记住,我无法完全 自己格式化用户的URL,因为程序不知道网站是 https:// 还是 http:// ,如果你弄错了,用户最终会 在一个不存在的页面上。

我需要的是一种告诉PHP只是转到我的网站没有相对性指定的URL的方法,几乎​​就像用户在URL栏中输入的那样 他们自己。


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