2015-10-21 05:20
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在Ubuntu白屏上安装Laravel 5.1,laravel.log和.env文件中没有错误

I have been struggling with this for days now, to the point where I have visited every link on stack and laracasts and still no luck

Permissions on storage and bootstrap/cache changed to 777

When I browse to the welcome page on my app the result in inspector is 'get 200' for the pretty url

Artisan is functioning, key has been generated added to .env and app.php

No errors in apache log

I have upgraded php in Ubuntu 14.04 to version 5.6.14 mcrypt is installed

Would be really grateful if someone could shed some light on this

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我几天来一直在努力解决这个问题,直到我访问了堆栈上的每个链接 和laracasts仍然没有运气


当我浏览应用程序上的欢迎页面时,结果 在检查员中为漂亮的网址“获得200”


否 apache日志中的错误

我已经将Ubuntu 14.04中的php升级到版本5.6.14安装了mcrypt

如果有人可以放弃一些,真的很感激 点亮这个

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  • dongtongjian3127 2015-10-21 05:33

    Apache DocumentRoot

    Seems like you are not shown the laravel page. Try to put something like the following in the public/index.php file of your laravel installation (at the beginning of the file):

        die('Laravel index file');

    If you browse to your site and don't see the text Laravel index file, your document root is pointing somewhere else. As you are using Apache see for example the configuration of virtual hosts in Ubuntu.

    Note, that the document root should point to the public directory of your laravel installation, not the root directory of your laravel installation (so eg /home/user/public_html/my_laravel_app/public instead of /home/user/public_html/my_laravel_app)

    Laravel routes

    EDIT: As you said, you saw the text, the next step for me would be to check the routes. Have a look at your app/Http/routes.php. What file is included for your request?

    Route::get('/', function () {
        return view('welcome');

    The above route would include resources/views/welcome.blade.php (or resources/views/welcome.php) for your request to http://localhost (or whatever your host looks like). Try to insert debugging information at the beginning of the welcome.blade.php, eg



    Check if you can see the above text on your web request.

    Other ideas

    Maybe it would be useful to also have the following information:

    • Your apache config file
    • Path to your laravel app
    • Path to your info.php
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