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不调用Twilio回调URL - PHP和Wordpress

I'm trying to integrate Twilio onto my Wordpress site.

The idea is to allow users to type in their phone number to get a download link to our app. We've put up a simple form here - http://evntr.co/download - and upon submitting the form, the EvntrPHP.php code is run.

Using template code, we've easily been able to get the form to send a message to a verified number (the one currently in the To field) using a free Twilio number. However, when we add the StatusCallback parameter, it never calls our callback.php code. Both EvntrPHP.php and callback.php are in the root directory - evntr.co/.

 require 'twiliophp/Services/Twilio.php';

 $AccountSid = "--------";
 $AuthToken = "---------";

 $client = new Services_Twilio($AccountSid, $AuthToken);

 $phonenum = $_POST["phonenum"];
 $callbackURL = "https://evntr.co/callback.php";

    'To' => "XXXXXXXXXX", 
    'From' => "+XXXXXXXXXX", 
    'Body' => "Test Message",  
    'StatusCallback' => "https://evntr.co/callback.php", 

My understanding is that the flow should be like this:

  1. user navigates to evntr.co/download
  2. user submits the form with their number
  3. form calls EvntrPHP.php and sends a text message to their number
  4. Twilio POSTs to callback.php whenever the status of the message changes (Sent, Delivered, Canceled, etc).

However, every time I submit the form, the message is sent and the page just stays at evntr.co/EvntrPHP.php and never loads callback.php. Maybe this is a misunderstanding on my part with how Callback URLs work? Or maybe the StatusCallback parameter doesn't work with a free Twilio number?

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