2015-07-10 14:03
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On the WooCommerce My Account page I am trying to hide a couple of the sections based on the user role.

At the moment, all people who register directly with the WooCommerce registration form are assigned user role 'Customer'. However, only users with role 'Employer' are actually able to make purchases... so effectively I want to hide the My Addresses section to users who are 'Customers'.

Any ideas if I can do this with a function? Miro

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目前,所有直接注册WooCommerce注册表的人都被分配了用户角色“客户”。 但是,只有具有“雇主”角色的用户实际上才能进行购买...因此,我希望将“我的地址”部分隐藏给“客户”用户。

如果有任何想法, 我可以用函数吗? Miro

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  • doulai8128 2015-07-10 15:52

    This is possible easily with templates. Add this function in your functions.php file so you can reuse it:

    function isEmployer(){
        $currentUser = wp_get_current_user();
        return in_array('employer', $currentUser->roles);

    Grab the my-account.php template from woocommerce > templates > myaccount and copy over to your theme's WooCommerce directory (YOURTHEME > woocommerce > myaccount).

    From there go to line 36. THIS is where the address gets loaded in.

    Wrap the address with a PHP if statement like so:

    <?php if( isEmployer() ){
            wc_get_template( 'myaccount/my-address.php' ) 
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