2015-06-21 06:49
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I am using WAMP server, and I am a novice. Currently, I have many scripts under /www/mySite. I have set /www/mySite as my default location for the wamp server.

However, when you set the browser address to http://myIPAddress, it automatically shows a list of files under /www/mySite.

I don't want this. When the user points to http://myIPAddress, I want it to point directly to http://myIPAddress/main_login.php. How do I achieve this?

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我正在使用WAMP服务器,我是新手。 目前,我在 / www / mySite 下有很多脚本。 我已将 / www / mySite 设置为wamp服务器的默认位置。

但是,当您将浏览器地址设置为 http:// myIPAddress 时,它会自动显示 / www / mySite

我不想要这个。 当用户指向 http:// myIPAddress 时,我希望它直接指向 http://myIPAddress/main_login.php 。 我如何实现这一目标?

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  • duai8153 2015-06-21 07:26
    1. The simplest way is to rename your main_login.php to index.php
    2. You can also do it using your server configuration or .htaccess
    3. You may include another index.php and use its header like this

      header('Location: '. $redirection_url);
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