2015-06-04 10:24

jscript header重新加载同一页面


In my PHP site, I am using script alert for checking invalid username and password. If username and password are wrong, it shows a message box. When I click ok to it, user will be redirected to index.php page. But I want reload same page, like header('Location: '.$_SERVER['PHP_SELF']);.

This is my code :

echo "<script>alert('Invalid Username and Password'); 
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  • douxuqiao6394 douxuqiao6394 6年前

    You can use location.reload()

    echo "<script>alert('Invalid Username and Password'); location.reload();</script>";

    the reload() function also has an optional parameter:

    • false - Default. Reloads the current page from the cache.
    • true - Reloads the current page from the server
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  • duancaishi1897 duancaishi1897 6年前

    Try this Eval

    echo "<script>alert('Invalid Username and Password'); window.location.href='index.php';</script>";
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