2015-04-28 12:53
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When I convert a video using command line(ffmpeg -i dust.mp4 -s 320x240 video.flv 2>&1) it does the conversion fine. But when I use the php code it does not. The code is as follows:

echo "Starting ffmpeg...

$ffmpeg = "~/ffmpeg_sources/ffmpeg";
echo exec("$ffmpeg  -i dust.mp4 -s 320x240 video.flv 2>&1");
echo "Done.

And the output is :

Starting ffmpeg... sh: 1: ~/ffmpeg_sources/ffmpeg: not foundDone.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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  • doulao7998636570 2015-04-28 13:13

    I have already answered for this same question just look at that answer,you will know what n=mistake you done.

    For Video Thumbnail creation we use ffmpeg.

    In Linux Systems(centos 6.x) Ffmpeg installation process and Php example:-

    This process is done in my centos 6 and created thumbnails using php.

    Just click on this link Ffmpeg for video thumbnail creation

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  • dougong7850 2015-04-28 13:02

    Use the full path:

    echo exec("/root/example/ffmpeg_sources/ffmpeg -i /home/site/etc/dust.mp4 -s 320x240 /home/site/etc/video.flv 2>&1");

    Make sure php has read/execute permissions to:


    write permissions in:


    And read permissions to:

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