2015-11-14 13:22
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在nginx / php-fpm配置上同时运行脚本的限制是什么?

The problem is I have to use curl and sometimes the curl requests take a long time because of the timeouts. I have set the timeouts to 1 second so no request should take more than 1 second but still the server is unable to process other php requests.

My question is how many concurrent scripts(running at the same time) can nginx/php-fpm handle. What I see is that a few requests lasting 1 second make the whole server unresponsive. What are the settings that I can change so more requests can be processed at the same time?

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问题是我必须使用curl,有时由于超时,curl请求需要很长时间。 我已将超时设置为1秒,因此请求不应超过1秒,但服务器仍无法处理其他php请求。

我的问题是有多少并发脚本(运行于 同时)可以nginx / php-fpm处理。 我看到的是一些持续1秒的请求会使整个服务器无响应。 我可以更改哪些设置,以便同时处理更多请求?

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