2015-11-13 13:31
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Eclipse 4.5.1和SonarQube问题跟踪器视图

actually I am trying to setup SonarQube for my PHP-Project.

In my Eclipse Installation I'm trying to use the "SonarQube Issue Editor" which is shown here: http://docs.sonarqube.org/download/attachments/6948813/sonarqube-eclipse-overview.png?version=1&modificationDate=1383220387000&api=v2&effects=drop-shadow

But I can't find this view, where you can directly edit the issue.

Everything other works well, i see the Issues-Tab and also the Rule Description.

Also tried SonarLint but there is the same like in SonarQube-Plugin.

Has anyone else have this problem, or a solution for it?

Is there maybe an other solution to edit the issues in eclipse, which are created by SonarQube?

I don't find anything else in the forum or on Google.... I Just don't get it.. Please help me

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