2015-11-06 17:11
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如何从Cakephp 3应用程序调用pdf.php文件?

I have a file pdf.php which contains code to develop a pdf file using FPDF. I have gone through the tutorials and I cannot call this pdf.php file from my form action in my template file.

I have also tried to put the code of pdf.phpin 'generatepdf.ctp'. It is not working. I think it is because of the headers and footers from the default.ctp file.

How to do it?

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我有一个文件 pdf.php </ code>,其中包含使用<开发pdf文件的代码 代码> FPDF </代码>。 我已经完成了教程,我无法在模板文件中的表单操作中调用此 pdf.php </ code>文件。 </ p>

我还尝试将 pdf.php </ code>的代码放在'generatepdf.ctp'中。 它不起作用。 我认为这是因为 default.ctp </ code>文件中的页眉和页脚。</ p>

如何操作?</ p> </ div>

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